We were proud to be part of the Darlington Partnership, contributing to the success of the Stronger Communities Awards—an initiative designed to applaud the exceptional efforts of volunteers, community groups, athletes, students, and businesses in Darlington.

Hosted by Darlington Council and generously sponsored by local businesses and organisations, the awards ceremony, held at Central Hall in the Dolphin Centre, was a glittering affair dedicated to recognising the outstanding contributions that make Darlington a remarkable community.

Lisa Spark, Managing Director of Care Matters Homecare, had the honour of presenting the Exceptional Care awards—a category that pays tribute to teams in Darlington providing care that significantly impacts the lives of individuals and the community.

This year’s deserving winners were Family Help, a commendable organisation offering secure, temporary accommodation in a purpose-built refuge. Annually, they provide a safe haven for approximately 60 women and 100 children, offering not just a welcoming home but also a supportive team guiding clients toward positive and secure outcomes, free from domestic abuse.

Lisa Spark shared her thoughts, stating, “Family Help provides a fantastic support service for those in need. I can’t fathom the challenges faced by individuals and children seeking refuge. Knowing that dedicated teams like Family Help exist to support these families is truly amazing. We’re proud to spotlight these incredible individuals and acknowledge them for their hard work and dedication.”

As a Group we extends heartfelt congratulations to Family Help, expressing gratitude for their unwavering commitment. We wish them continued success in their noble endeavours.

If you or someone you know requires support, reach out to Family Help.
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