Newlands Group were immensely proud to accept our corporate partner award from Teesside Hospice last week. Attending their annual corporate partner lunch event at Rockliffe Hall, managing director, Lisa Spark was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the group and had the privilege of learning more about how the hospice has ensured those who need their services throughout the Covid 19 pandemic received them. 

Often these types of services fall under the banner of the NHS which could detract from the amazing amount of work that is done behind the scenes to secure the funding that the Hospice needs.  

Through our corporate relations and partnership, we aim to make people aware of the magnificent work of the Hospice. We’re dedicated to our people and know that in most cases, a diagnosis is never that far from someone we know or care about, so we need to ensure that information is being heard so people know who to turn to if they need this type of support. 

Outside of our businesses we want to support a wider community of individuals as we believe people matter and deserve the right to be heard, supported, and given the opportunity to grow. We have seen the full value of this at The Robin Centre where the team are doing amazing work to support the skills development of adults with differing abilities. In the past, skills development may not have been the primary focus however society has progressed to the point where it is recognised that adults with differing abilities will achieve if they are given an opportunity and should be considered simply as people rather than people who are different.  

If we all adapt and adhere to being more inclusive, we can make changes in so many ways including the creation of a broader range of business opportunities based on the needs of our people. We can work collectively to support the current climate crisis, we can change mindsets, views, and opinions…The options are Limitless!  

It all starts with meaningful conversation… Please spare a few minutes of your time to have a look at the services provided by Teesside Hospice and discover where you can help today

We Are Stronger Together! If you would like to know more about opportunities within Newlands Group or are interested in speaking to us, please Contact Us using the form on the site.