Russia invades Ukraine… we all look on in dismay, who’d have thought after all the world has been through of late that there was another war on the horizon and in all places Central Europe. We can only hope and pray that sense will prevail and that a peaceful resolution can be reached.

The invasion it would seem was the start of more global turmoil, fuel and energy prices have now gone through the roof, soaring to levels never experienced before in the UK. Families are struggling to keep moving, barely able to pay fuel and energy bills but it would seem there’s no let up as the cost of living is on the cusp of increasing yet again! When will it all end?

Some would say that the media drives the hype and fuels mass hysteria through focusing on the negativity and headlines that sell news and increase tv ratings… but the news is the news! Whether you agree or not about the motives of the news channels, people have always sought out news, whether it be positive or negative.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, we must believe as a species we are capable of more!

Where you see death and destruction, the forces of bad are at work but the forces of good are never far behind! Good drives positive action, it causes countries to rally, opening their borders to house and feed homeless people, pulling the masses together to help those in need, aid agency workers risking their lives to save children with cancer, evacuating them to hospitals around Europe in doing so getting them the vital treatment that they need to survive, all testament to the power of people!

In times of hardship, when it’s often hard to see past the negative or bad, a shimmer of light in the dark can make all the difference and guide someone forwards… In business we constantly look for the positive as its key to our accomplishments, it’s a motivator of people and a driver of success. When we turn our minds to positive things we can “Literally” reach the moon!

What can we do in business to help and support?

I’m sure like many we’ve all made donations to the various charities that are supporting the Ukrainian people which is fantastic but let’s not forget that we are now feeling the pinch right here in the UK.

In times like these the words… How are you? How are you coping? possess real power because you are showing someone a glimmer of light and the chance to talk about how they feel or are coping. Often, we don’t see what’s under our nose because we are drawn to the bigger story, so we must take the time to re-engage with the people who are closest to us and that we may assume are all good!

We must remember that financial stress or pressure can take people to dark places. We’ve just started to recover from a global pandemic and now it would seem there’s more hardship to come. We can only focus on the things that we can control which starts with 3 little words, How are You?

How does this apply to business or to my team?

We all have a duty of care to each other and it’s only through supporting each other that we will stride on to the light and break out the other side!

  • Take the time… to talk to your team as individuals!
  • Take down… the barriers that stop your team talking to you.
  • Find ways… to engage that are not specifically work focused.
  • Mean it… when you say, how are you?
  • Offer… let people know that you’re there to support them if needed.
  • Be open… let people know how you feel.
  • Always… make time as people will only ask once for help.

Value others as you seek to be valued yourself, now more than ever this is so important.