At The Robin Centre, they embrace three core values: Independence, Success, and Creativity, and we’re dedicated to helping our members embody these values each day.

No two days are alike because our members are on unique learning journeys. We’re not your typical school or day centre; we’re a close-knit team with a fresh approach to supporting adults with diverse disabilities. Our goal is to create an environment that suits each individuals, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

In the caring and secure atmosphere of The Robin Centre, we witness individuals surprising themselves daily as they discover their independence. With every new life skill, they acquire and each moment of fun they experience, our members gain more choices and compromise less in their lives.

One of our cherished members beautifully sums it up: “The Robin Centre boosts my self-esteem and brings up my confidence levels. The staff are incredibly nice. I enjoy drama workshops, bowling, ‘Play Your Cards Right,’ arts and crafts, math and English workshops, and Zumba. I eagerly anticipate our group activities.”

At The Robin Centre, achieving personal goals is not only fulfilling; it’s also more enjoyable when we do it together. 🌟

Our Learning Toolkit – it’s so extensive that we’ve organized it into five incredible zones!

  1. Gaming Zone: Where members can stay up-to-date with the latest gaming and immerse themself in the world of digital entertainment.
  2. IT Zone: Boosts confidence when using and embracing information technology.
  3. Home Zone: To learn essential life skills in our fully equipped kitchen.
  4. Arts and Crafts Zone: Lets imaginations run wild with a wide range of creative resources.
  5. Chill Zone: Sometimes, it’s just about relaxing and unwinding.

While we plan engaging activities every day, we love spicing things up with new events and experiences. This keeps learning exciting and fun. From gardening projects to library visits, educational courses to health and exercise activities, there’s something for everyone.

We regularly host open days for prospective members to see our programs firsthand. If you’re a social worker or support professional with someone in mind who could benefit from our services, please reach out to us. We believe in the power of community and collaboration. The more, the merrier! Help us spread the word.

We’re here to make a positive impact, and we can’t wait to welcome new members into our vibrant community! 🌟

For support or inquiries about The Robin Centre, please contact Victoria at 01642 433 699.
You can also read our Brochure online!