At the heart of Newlands Group’s commitment to empowering individuals, we are thrilled to announce our recent investment in The Robin Centre. This strategic move aims to enhance key life skills and foster independence among The Robin Centre members. 

The investment has primarily focused on upgrading catering equipment at The Robin Centre. This initiative allows members to refine their catering skills, thus instilling confidence in preparing meals for themselves. Victoria, the dedicated manager at The Robin Centre, emphasises that it’s not just about cooking for them; it’s about building trust and providing the support needed for them to do it themselves and be independent! 

It is truly heart-warming to see our members bursting with happiness as they master cooking skills. It’s a lot more than preparing a meal, it’s about imparting a sense of confidence that extends beyond the kitchen. This newfound skill is something they can take away and contributes to their overall well-being. 

Newlands Group’s investment is a testament to The Robin Centre commitment to the development of all the members. Cooking is one of the many life skills we aim to nurture. This initiative will not only benefit existing members but also new members who join us on this transformative journey. 

At Newlands Group, we believe in investing – not just in facilities, but in the potential and growth of each individual. The Robin Centre stands as a beacon of our dedication to creating an environment where life skills are cultivated, and independence is celebrated.