With the veil of Covid slowly lifting, we’re still working hard to push our vision forward. Like most in current times, we’ve all had to dig in and work even harder. That said there is change in the air, not as a result of the new season but more so because people and businesses are keen to get back into the normality of work life balance.  

Our Group wide commitment to our people and staff continues to be our driving force in everything that we do, we have seen our employees increase to 375 in the last 6 months. The new team members will be joining various departments and divisions within the Group after they have completed their induction training at our Head Office in Morton Palms, Darlington.  

The expansion of our headcount is the key to the forward progression of the Group. The staff will be working out of new offices that we are in the process of finalising in Stockton and Middlesbrough. Both locations are key to our people and business alike as they are in the heart of our communities and will be the extension our business needs to allow our people to succeed in the current climate. 

Care Matters Middlesbrough office will allow us to build on our CQC registered community support for Middlesbrough Council. Additionally, we will be creating more capacity for our new and existing staff to support skills development for adults with differing abilities in the The Robin Centre and finally Turn Left are in the process of securing a new office building in Stockton to add the property portfolio.  

Our focus has to be on doing more as we believe giving more instils confidence, drive, passion and ultimately success. 

We Are Stronger Together! If you would like to know more about opportunities within Newlands Group or are interested in speaking to us, please Contact Us using the form on the site.