Improving lives and driving businesses forward is our mission. And we’re able to do this because of our people. Individually and as teams, it’s their experience, talent and personalities that make the Newlands Group a great world to be part of and highly successful. The beating heart of what we do, their skills, knowledge and ideas bring great energy to our work on a daily basis. And that’s priceless.

What it really means in practice

Respecting and valuing our staff starts with recruiting the right people for the right roles. It’s good for them, it’s good for the business and it’s good for our customers.

The ability for any individual to perform at their best is down to us, the employer. So providing a nurturing and supportive environment and giving people the practical tools, technology and resources they need to be productive, is part of our commitment to their continued personal growth and professional success.

Hand in hand with career development is presenting people with opportunity and challenge. Being exposed to both in a supportive workplace offers new ways to push boundaries and discover new skills and abilities. A very common waste in business is hidden or untapped talent, so we’re always keen to identify credible and relevant motivators to encourage individuals to progress, develop and fulfil their potential.  

We’re also mindful of the increasing desire we all have today for more purposeful and meaningful work. And we enjoy making sure that our staff know and understand that their contributions to the business, its customers and the society they’re part of are genuinely valuable and make a tangible difference.

Finally, importantly, and just as rewarding to us as to our staff, is our recognition of peoples’ achievements and efforts, both as individuals and teams. Taking time to do this is a great boost for everyone and provides welcome, happy moments to reflect and celebrate all that we do.

The virtuous circle of value and respect 

The Newlands Group way of working keeps us focused as a company. It keeps our thinking fresh, and our minds agile and open to ideas. Whatever our role or position, from senior level through to the all-important people who mobilise our operations and services every day, it’s a continual win-win situation to be stronger together, championing all our futures with mutual regard!