Opportunity comes in many forms, however when you have nothing and have lost everything that you have worked hard for, it’s hard to see where hardship ends, and opportunity starts! In times of adversity you see who your loyal and true friends are, in your darkest days there are always people who will prop you up, share your pain, and offer you a hand of support and friendship to see you through and get you back on your feet. Its times like these where the foundations for futures are laid, the steps get smaller as you move up and it’s easier with a true friend and confidant at your side.

The founders Phil Crowther and Lisa Spark, have experienced hardship first-hand and this is where the notion of the Newlands Group was born! The real estate sector they were working in collapsed overnight, a business that was flying high 24 hours before was gone, with nothing behind them and nothing in front of them, the future looked incredibly bleak! They spent days / weeks trying to find a way forwards, and that is where the proverb came into its own, from the problem they identified the opportunity and set up an international executive search firm, Tribe Search. They invested everything they owned to open the business and within weeks signed major contracts with various UAE government sovereign wealth funds and subsequently placed executive directors from all over the world into key executive positions to manage 40 billion dollars global funds.   

People face all types of hardship and adversity every day. In our busy lives we will walk past 5, 8, 10 people on our way to work who want nothing more than to be looked at as person, be offered a smile or maybe even a hand! When you’ve experienced true hardship, you value the people that have stayed with you through the good and the bad.

At the Newlands Group we believe in people, we believe in creating opportunity through solving problems, we remember the bad times because that is where we have learnt our most valuable lessons. We work hard every day to ensure that our people feel valued, supported and engaged through work, the care they provide or experience they are being taught. It’s not just a message to us, it’s our way of life!

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